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Musician playing on violin while beautiful bride and groom standing in church after weddin

-20 minutes of Prelude Music prior to  scheduled ceremony time as guests arrive.

(Selections will be made by musician. Requests are welcomed.)


-One music selection for  Families & Wedding Party Entrance:  Mothers,

Grandmothers, Groomsmen, Bridesmaids, Flower girl(s), Ring bearer(s)


-One music selection for Bridal Entrance


-One music selection for Special Ceremony by request (Unity Candle, Sand, etc.)


-Music selection for Communion (if needed)


-Recessional Music

Starting from:

Solo Cello....$300

Violin & Cello Duo….$500

Cello Duo (2 cellos)...$500

Cello & Classical Guitar .…$500

String Trio .......$700

String Quartet ....$900

Octet Chamber Orchestra...$1,800


1 Hour Package 

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Wedding Reception

Includes everything in the Ceremony Package, plus an additional hour of up-beat music to entertain your guests

Starting from:

Solo Cello..... $450

Violin & Cello Duo ….$800

Cello Duo (2 cellos).......$800

Cello & Classical Guitar .…$800

String Trio .......$1,200

String Quartet ....$1,500

Octet Chamber Orchestra...$3,000

Cocktail Hour 

2 Hour Package
Night Feast

Includes everything in the Ceremony  & Cocktail Hour package in additional to an hour of dinner music. We can even perform music for your grand entrance and first dance.

Starting from:

Solo Cello.....$600

Violin & Cello Duo ….$1,100

Cello & Classical Guitar .…$1,100

String Trio .......$1,650

String Quartet ....$2,100

Octet Chamber Orchestra...$4,200

Cocktail Hour
& Dinner

3 Hour Package
Additional Fees
-Two hour minimum for events held in October & November
-Sound System
-Travel & Lodging


Want Amplification?

Cello Vida now offers amplification for a soloist, string duo, string trio, string quartet , and wedding orchestra for a larger sound. This is perfect for a reception hall or an outdoor setting. 

$150 fee

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